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Digoptima is a powder containing soluble fiber based on short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides.

These are indispensable for healthy intestinal flora. Ideal for digestion.



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This product is a prebiotic which means, that it serves as food for the important bifidus bacteria. Thanks to Digoptima the bifidus bacteria can multiply again and take over their important role for a balanced intestinal flora (bifidogene effect). This effect contributes significantly to the health of the intestine and to a good metabolism.

It is a food supplements that you can add to your food (yoghurt, muesli, sugar, soup etc.) or drinks (water, tea, coffee). It’s use does not affect the taste and the consistency of the food and drinks (dissolves immediately, does not mucus and gels). It is suitable for the whole family, also for diabetics. It has no counter-indications.

Digoptima is recommended for people who suffer from digestive disorders such as chronic constipation, flatulence, osteoporosis, high blood levels of triglyceride and cholesterol, the immune system, which is compromised, and who undergo antibiotic treatment.

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