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Mission of Element One

Exceeding expectations

It is our mission to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations, aiming for the highest customer satisfaction and retention in our industry. To contribute to the quality of life of humankind by enabling our customers to make the world and our community a healthier and safer place.

Our mission is very simple. We want to provide products and packages aimed at fuelling your health and your happiness in the most positive way. We strive to be the best and offer products that will give you healing and nutritious benefits, whilst helping to teach about the endless benefits that a healthy lifestyle can bring.

By doing this, we hope to empower people in their health and their wellness, which will in turn help to empower people in their everyday lives. Ultimately, your health is our priority, and whatever your goal is, mentally or physically, we will help you get through your journey towards a healthier, happier you.

Vision of Element One

“To be your partner for a healthy future”

The link between our health, happiness and personal satisfaction can’t be ignored.

Our goal is to develop and provide a unique and innovative service that ensures that every one of our clients gets the best advice, supplements and customer service.

We are committed to improving people’s lives. We strive to provide our clients with better access to high-quality, cost-effective functional food supplements.


Values of Element One

Our values reflect the way we strive to increase the quality of life for our clients. They also reflect the way we aim to co-operate, respect, trust and support each other, act in a trustworthy, dedicated and professional manner and take charge and achieve great results.



Acting with honesty and honor without compromising the truth.

Customer focus

We improve the quality of life of people through competitive products and services. To truly understand our customers, we engage in partnerships and dialogue.

Drive for Excellence-Quality

Holding people accountable to the highest standards of performance.


We care about people and take pride in what we do. We strive to support and inspire others in our efforts to make a difference.

The Company key success factors & arguments

  • Current infrastructure meeting the highest standards in terms of efficiency & norms.
  • Strong expertise in R&D, all our food supplements have been developed internally.
  • Official SwissMedic accreditations that allow retail trade and wholesale trade of Medicine.
  • Personalized Customer Service.
  • High Quality Laboratory Procedures.
  • Experienced and qualified staff (over 25 years of experience and work).
  • This know-how is strengthened by the intensive approach of our quality insurance.
  • Highest quality results.
  • Academic Involvement.
  • Large range of food & health supplements with a Swiss exceptional quality.

Accreditations – Recognition – Certification

GMP and GDP Inspections

Swissmedic and four regional Cantonal inspectorates carry out inspections as a prerequisite for issuing or maintaining a pharmaceutical establishment licence. They examine respect for the quality standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) on the part of manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and/or those of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) on the part of wholesale companies.

We understand that besides our high quality products, trust, dedication and experience are also essential to be a reliable supplier on the market. Kiss Awake AG has the necessary expertise in order to fulfill the specific requirements of its customers.

Quality management and regulatory support

We achieve significant and sustainable improvement in our quality performance, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing standards / Quality assurance

Our production laboratory works according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure optimum quality control. We are also holders of a license issued by Swissmedic for the manufacture of drugs under Article 9.2 of the Law on Therapeutic Products (LTP). The choice of our suppliers is strictly controled internally.

Most of our suppliers are Swiss and we only use foreign raw materials if they are not available in Switzerland. All the raw materials that fit in the manufacture of our food supplements and extra food is carefully controlled and identified. Quantitative checks are carried out several times a year. The entire workflow is constantly under the control of qualified pharmacists involved in all stages of production of our functional food supplements.

The labels present on our packaging meet the requirements of Swiss law, ie they comply with the the Federal Law on Foodstuffs (O.D.A.) issued by the The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). This way of practice ensures optimal quality in the production process and avoid having contaminants.

Our quality management is dedicated to ensuring our products comply with the relevant monographs, and are also manufactured in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

It is our policy for all our products to comply with the relevant legal requirements relating to the country in which our products are sold.

We operate a Quality Assurance program under which management systems are developed to fulfill the necessary requirements for Product Safety and Product Quality in our laboratory, supply chain and associated toll processing operations.

Using only selected suppliers allows us to ensure that we deliver the highest quality materials at all times.

Timely and accurate information on all matters of product safety will be provided to appropriate government agencies.

Cornerstones of our Quality Assurance program:

  • SwissMedic accredited
  • Production in line with GMP guidelines
  • In-process control
  • Specialized packaging
  • Full traceability
  • Compliance with leading compendia monographs
  • Environmental management systems
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Based In Switzerland, Active Around The Globe
Supporting & Helping A Wide Range Of Clients

We Thrive Ourselves On Decades Of Experience, Proven Performance & Determination To Achieve The Best Products.

Our products base on decades of experience. Many ingredient base on multiple centuries of use, description and the sharing of positive experiences.


we offer a range of products that support your health in many different ways.

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we ofer a range of nutrition products that ensure a healthy nutrition.

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we offer a range of products that support your sportive activities.

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through innovative products | by putting our clients central | by sheer determination

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