HEALTHGUARD is mainly consisting of a natural extract from curcumin, also known as Kurkuma, Curcumine or Turmeric. These tablets are highly concentrated (25: 1) and have a seven times higher bioavailability than usual extracts and is thus unique.

We have succeeded to strongly increase the density of the curcumin concentration (25:1) which secures a high dosis of curcumin being dosed. with each tablet of HEALTHGUARD take. 

Thousands of independent and sientific studies show a wide range of positive health-related results.

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(60 tablets)


DIGOPTIMA is a low-calorie dietary supplement consisting of food fibers, which can be found in many vegetables and fruits such as onions, asparagus and bananas.

These food fibers, which live in the human digestive tract and thus enable their multiplication, feed the bifidobacteria in a naturally manner.

This stimulation promotes a controlled and harmonious digestion.

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(150 grams)


“Our mission is to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations, to contribute to the quality of life of humankind by enabling our customers to make the world and our community a healthier place”

“We wish to add a clear value to peoples lives”

“We put our clients at first place, always”

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Pietro Calabro (MPhA)

“Our goal is to develop and provide a unique and innovative service that ensures that every one of our clients gets the best advice, supplements and customer service.”

“We are committed to improving people’s lives while we strive to provide our clients with better access to high-quality and functional food supplements.”

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Dr. Silvio Folli (MPhA, PhD)

In addition to your personal nutrition combined with regular exercise, your life balance plays a decisive role to maintain (or to achieve) an optimal health- and wellbeing status. It is important that you sometimes take a break from all the daily stress and recharge your batteries together with e.g. the family or with any sport of your liking. Life balance stands for a good quality of life. To have a good quality of life is to enjoy life. To enjoy life also involves having good health and sufficient time to inhale all of the good things life has to offer you. It however also includes being able to accept yourself, simply the way you are. These components are often given too short a time in our stressful daily routines but they make a true difference in our life balance.
ELEMENT ONE offers products in the areas of HEALTH, NUTRITION and SPORT that help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy nutrition is a crucial and basic element to live a healthy life. It is important that all important nutritional ingredients are absorbed (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals). If you eat mainly healthy, you can also treat some unhealthy food from time to time. Look for a balanced and varied diet. With extreme diets you reach your goal only for a short time, but in the long run the kilos mostly come back. The better solution is to change your personal nutrition in the long term but not too extreme, as well as to incorporate “as much as you can” movement into your daily routine. This gives you a better chance of keeping your desired weight in the longer term.
ELEMENT ONE offers you products that support your daily nutrition!

An important component is also to do some regular exercise (even if it is a nice walk a day!) or sports activity. Regular sport-activities are important to prevent various diseases and as a side effect, we feel much better with a few kilos less. Try to exercise regularly. Regular training is much more effective than having long breaks in between. After a long break of sporting activities, start slowly and then increase the amount of your training. If you do 10 squats every day, you do 70 per month 300 per year and 3650 squats per year more than before and it for sure will help you, in combination with following our advises, to feel much better in the long-run.
ELEMENT ONE offers you products that support your body optimally during sporting activities, whether for regeneration or for muscle building.


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